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Numbers to reach Sprint Customer Service

Sprint Customer Service Number HERE,
Sprint Wireline Customer Service Number HERE
and Sprint International Customer Service Number HERE.
For troubleshooting issues with your phone, please call from a phone other than the one you need help with.

Sprint mailing address:


6391 Sprint Parkway

Overland Park

KS 66251-4300

sprint customer service number

No returns will be accepted at this address. Find more information on Sprint Return and Exchange Policy.

To avoid delays, please include this information when you write to us:

  • Customer name.
  • Telephone number.
  • Account number.
  • PIN (if you have one on your account).

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Sprint Customer Service

Customer service is a very important factor in the success of a business. Even though a business offers the most innovative products, the most exclusive designer commodities and the most expensive merchandises, if their customer service is not good, the business will soon fail.

Sprint is among the top network service providers in the United States and one that is becoming more and more popular all over the world. This status that the company has now has something to do with Sprint customer service. All their products and service plans will not have the same value they have if not for their dedicated service team that answers customers and help them resolve concerns as efficiently as possible.

Customer service with a smile

There are a lot of expectations about customer service and even more so with customer service representatives. Aside from being able to solve all possible issues related to the products and services the company offers, the representatives are also expected to serve with a smile all the time.

It does not matter whether the agent is standing right in front of you or talking to you over the phone or typing behind a computer for chat or email customer service. The service they provide should always come with a smile. Surely, as a customer, you feel the difference between delivered with a friendly smile and service delivered without one.

Think for example: you’re calling the Sprint customer service number and you are talking to an agent who is miles away from you. No matter how good the agent is in resolving your problems, if the smile is missing, your experience will not be as pleasant as it should be when he or she extends the help you need with a smile.

How Sprint customer service can change what you feel

Many people who have tried calling Sprint customer service have actually acknowledged that they felt different about the company after their experience. This is especially so in cases of cancellations or upgrades. A customer who has a positive experience within the service call is more likely to change his or her mind about cancelling his or her service plan.

Those who have had a positive experience are also more likely to consider an upgrade or add different services from the ones they currently have. Customer service representatives should be able to positively affect you in order to make your experience of the products and services satisfactory. There are even studies that some Americans tend to spend almost 10% more if they have a good experience with customer service.

What options you have for contacting Sprint?

If you want to contact Sprint customer service to get some assistance for their products and services, you can either call the Sprint customer service number, which you can find in their website or visit their support page. They have a chat option in your account page and you can send them an inquiry straight away from there.

Of course, many people still prefer calling them over the phone through their toll free number because it is easier for most to explain what they need by talking rather than writing about it. It is also more convenient to talk over the phone especially if you are on the go because not many people can sit in front of a computer for a long time while chatting with the service rep. When calling their toll free number, you can also call from your mobile phone or call free via the web.

Sprint customer service number

How do you contact customer service?

If you are using a Sprint phone to call customer service, you can simply press dial zero and call. This is the contact for an operator in your network from whom you can request to be connected the customer service department or reach the directory listing.

You also have the option to go to the Sprint website and fill out a form where you can leave your contact details so that a customer service rep can get back to you to resolve any problems you have or help you pick out a Sprint plan. The Sprint website also has the chat option that you can use to contact customer service real time. In case you need technical assistance on your mobile phone, you can also drop by the nearest store so they can assist you.

What customers think about Sprint’s service?

Customer service is one of the many strong points of Sprint. Representatives are fairly easy to reach through the Sprint customer service number and there is no ridiculously long wait time like with others. The reps are also trained to the best of their abilities and are equipped with the best tools possible to resolve customer issues and provide excellent service with a smile.

Surely, there are more complicated customer problems than the rest, which may take more time than expected in resolving, but you can rest assured that the rep will help you to the best of his or her abilities so you can get the satisfaction you need for the service.

As a customer, you are expected to feel that your time is valued when you contact customer service of any kind of business. A business should make sure that they are able to keep you and your loyalty by providing impeccable service that you deserve. As a customer though, you also have to keep your part in trying to get your problems resolved with calm and complete respect to the one who is helping you out.

Even if the rep cannot come up with a solution that you need, remember that they are trained to do so. Believe in their capacities and encourage them to find the right solutions. Eventually, both you and the customer service representative will come up with a satisfying answer. Be open to the rep that is trying to build rapport at the start of your conversation. This healthy relationship will help a great deal in making your experience a positive one.

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